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does kwikset premis work with alexa

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It's a stunning take on how to style a smart lock and comes with your choice of six different metal shells to match almost any home's hardware. 5. Then you can control your smart deadbolt by speech. I asked what was improved and could only be told it was improved. Now a second-gen smart lock, the Kwikset Kevo is a connected deadbolt that uses Unikey's touch-to-unlock technology to let you inside with just a tap. Thanks, The Friday lock is only compatible with Apple HomeKit for now and has its own companion app to lock and unlock the door, see activity logs and share Bluetooth keys. Kwikset has announced that some of its smart locks on the SmartThings platform can now be controlled via voice commands and Amazon Alexa devices. Once that’s solid, then put some time into zwave integration. It comes in several colors and includes a mounting plate and adhesive strips to attache the lock to your deadbolt thumb latch. 3. I don’t know why…. Blue light rotates around for several seconds and nothing happens. August also offers its own plug-in gateway device that'll let you use the app to control the lock from anywhere in the world, but you'll have to pay an extra $80 on top of the lock's already expensive $230 asking price. It takes many touches to open or close it and frustration sets in again. Holding it, let me correct that, literally touching my phone to the lock and it’s a 50/50. I’d also love to see Google Home integration and a lock-status home-screen widget in the future. Kevo works with many more smart home technologies. I downloaded them from the Devon, Kwikset Social Customer Care, Hi @sdetweil:disqus, Thank you, The reality seems to be the design is just bad. Kevo Plus However, you can choose not to allow certain types of cookies, which may impact your experience of the site and the services we are able to offer. Echo/Dot View and compare all smart locks. Alexa says my locks are offline. Read our full review of the Kwikset Obsidian. I love the simple design of the original (and v2) Kevo, but the lack of HomeKit integration is a real drawback. April 14, 2017 SSI Staff. We’ll help you identify which product is right for you, whether you need a replacement or want us to recommend a solution based on your door. I would prefer to be able to have Alexa open my lock when I’m standing in front of it with arm-fulls of groceries and the damn thing won’t respond to my touch. Through the cloud-based voice service Amazon Alexa, set up, pair and control compatible smart … With our newest update for your Kevo smart lock, we’ve added a new Kevo skill for Amazon Alexa. Bingo! Devon, Kwikset Social Customer Care. If you use SmartThings (or another compatible system) you can also connect your Kwikset 888 to Alexa. I pull out my phone, and hold it next to the lock (the Kevo app running in the background) and touch the lock. With military-grade PKI encryption and inside-outside technology protecting the digital experience and the latest SmartKey security protecting the mechanical cylinder, you can feel safe with a Kevo smart lock on your door. Kevo Smart Lock August does work with Alexa and Google, which Premis doesn’t, plus it's compatible with Android. Just make sure that your phone will work with it, particularly if you're an Android user. Read our review of the August HomeKit-Enabled Smart Lock. |. Devon, Kwikset Social Customer Care, On your iPhone if you select “Reset Network Settings” it works great again for a few weeks. The app helps you with installation, connecting to Apple HomeKit or Apple TV, checking the status of your lock and customizing up to 30 user codes. I was told in April there is an update and there was, I updated the software and what would you know? Devon, Kwikset Social Customer Care, Hi @dgasbar:disqus , you do need the Kevo Plus upgrade to access Alexa features. The category continues to grow, though, so here's a quick rundown of some of the more notable options. i came to this site and it says I need Kevo Plus which was not contained in the email. With a retail price of $180 -- $50 less than the Kevo -- the Obsidian lock is a reasonably priced touchscreen deadbolt. It’s actually gotten worse with the updates. The app seems to lock up when in the background so it doesn’t do anything without “refreshing” the app. Search for “Kevo” I come and go from my house as needed. With added 9V battery jump start, it seems nearly impossible to get locked out. We have experienced this across multiple phones so it’s more a problem with Kēvo. Maybe I should boost the wifi signal out there? 6. Still, this is one of the most feature-rich smart locks we've tested. Today's crop of smart locks ($120 at Amazon) think they have a better way. At $249, it isn't cheap, and we encountered more than a few snags along the way while testing. The Sesame doesn't work natively with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri, though you can control the lock via Google and Alexa with IFTTT recipes. HomeKit integration won’t be available in Kevo 1st or 2nd Generation, but we have not ruled out HomeKit for future Kevo releases. There's also Latch, a New York-based startup founded by Apple alums that's quietly raised lots of money for the past few years. Assuming it’s because the lock is out of range given that it’s at the far end of my garage. Some of them don't even accept keys at all, which makes them immune to forced entry via lock picking or lock bumping. ; Premis is an Apple HomeKit (only) enabled touchscreen smart lock. *Remote access control with Apple TV® (4th generation or later) 11:00am Dog walker arrives. "Some settling occurred." I have had this product going on nearly 3 years now and I have gone through 2 new locks and am on my 3rd now. nothing just like evertime. 9. Yeah Gen 2 the only thing I was told it is a smaller footprint same guts inside. Your Kevo and Kevo Plus already feature unmatched smart lock security. Your third notable option for Siri voice control is the HomeKit-compatible version of the August Smart Lock. The smart lock just got smarter. Another time saver for me. Schlage was first to the market with a HomeKit-compatible deadbolt. Did you know that most burglars get … ... Rushing off to work again? Yale's Assure Lock SL is a slimmed down touchscreen deadbolt with the same Yale hardware and software of previous models. August's third-generation smart lock has a more traditional design, costs just $149, and works with Amazon Alexa speakers and the Google Home. It recognizes the lock, but when I check the status or attempt to lock or unlock, it states that the lock is offline. It smartly borrows that 9-volt battery trick from Yale's keyless locks. I’ve opened a couple of cases. You can install it in minutes flat, it relies on the same August app as before and, like August's new $279 Smart Lock Pro ($130 at Amazon), this simpler version also comes with DoorSense, a new feature that tells you whether your door is open or closed. The usability of both smart locks may also vary at some point. Devon, Kwikset Social Customer Care, @tony_macdonald:disqus Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The lock is connected to the MyKevo Hub. Devon, Kwikset Social Customer Care. Having the whole HomeKit package would have been ideal but having an IFTTT action would be the next best thing. Our product and engineering teams are working continuously to improve the product, and hope we get closer to perfect with every app or firmware update. What causes this and why cant they fix it? It boggles our mind that Schlage Sense didnʼt include this with their lock. ‘*Note, when you connect your Kevo smart lock to Amazon Alexa you are required to set up and speak a 4-12 digit pin for additional security. Read our review of the August Smart Lock Pro. Smart homes are getting easier for homeowners to set up and control. Common themes… never opens on the first touch unless I’ve recently gone through the multi-touch mess. I wasn’t planning on spending another $100 to make this work with Alexa. I used a paperclip and reset the Plus Hub. Can’t find “Kevo” as a skill to install in the Alexa iOS app? @disqus_HgyK1PVI0l:disqus @josephspiegel:disqus – Our consumer service team is going to follow up with you both to see if there is anything we can do to improve your Touch-to-Open experience. With Premis, Kwikset provides the only Apple HomeKit smart lock with SecureScreen™ technology. The August Smart Lock fits over your existing deadbolt, and works with HomeKit as well. Much about this lock remains the same as previous generations. The information collected might relate to you, your preferences or your device, and is mostly used to make the site work as you expect it to and to provide a more personalized web experience. In fact, the lock's well-designed app does a terrific job at managing multi-users, including options for limiting access to specific days and times, or for creating codes that expire after a set amount of time. And the Obsidian also includes a clever feature that displays two random numbers for you to press before entering your code, which is meant to keep potential intruders from studying your fingerprints to figure out your code. Our development team is working on expanding Kevo compatibility to Google Home, but we do not have a timeline to share at this time. I need to upgrade to the kevo plus? I know Kwikset stated some security concerns about unlocking (hence the PIN you’re requiring through Alexa), but auto-locking would be a security feature! Insteon Hub would be great! Thank you for the suggestion. It works great now. To connect your Kevo to Alexa you’ll need 3 pieces of hardware: That’s it! The Friday lock is a retrofit smart lock that works with your current deadbolt. Halo Touch . What's nice about this Bluetooth smart lock is that, like August's popular line of locks, you'll keep the exterior deadbolt you already have. It's basically the exact same product as the Premis, albeit with a slightly less polished app. So my suggestion is to use keyless entry door locks or take suggestion from any locksmith near you. LAKE FOREST, Calif. – Kwikset announces that homeowners using Samsung SmartThings or Wink to control their Kwikset SmartCode 910, 912, 914 and 916 electronic locks can … Homeowners can now say, 'Alexa, lock my door' instead of having to open an app," said Ashton Good, Kwikset Senior Product Manager, Spectrum Brands Inc. – Hardware and Home Improvement Division. Alexa, ask Kevo to check the status of my front door. I have no logical explanation for why everything works perfectly now. We use a Kwikset Kevo to let us in and out of the CNET Smart Apartment, and we're fans of both the touch-to-unlock convenience and the inconspicuous design. Just when I think an app or firmware update made it better. Plenty of smart locks work with Siri and Alexa -- or even both. With the looks of an old-school kitchen timer, the Sesame includes a knock-to-unlock feature for iOS devices and comes in at the same price as the August Smart Lock, $149. The smart locks and conversion kit can also be controlled through voice commands using the new Kevo Smart Home Skill for Alexa. Devon, Kwikset Social Customer Care, @disqus_SugkQi2i72:disqus The Alexa skill does not enable new skills for Google Home. I unlock the phone and make the app the “front” screen, touch the lock and it opens – sometimes. This gives me some hope that maybe integration with HomeKit is coming for the original Kevo design products? need a little more detail .. alexa says my lock is offline.. If you’ve already gone through the set up process and named your lock, please try resetting your Kevo Plus as @disqus_hiMoAj9tVt:disqus indicated. Thank you, @devon_jordan:disqus I second the IFTTT action integration for the auto lock feature, though this could also be built in to a future app release (Kevo time-based rules). Like Kwikset, Yale is no stranger to smart locks, with a relatively diverse line of connected deadbolts to its name. The lock pairs with your phone or with a fob over Bluetooth. The August Smart Lockmight have an “Auto-lock” feature (the Schlage Sense and Kwikset/Weiser Premis do as well) but weʼve grown accustomed to actually listening to our doors lock before leaving them. Airmate 艾美特. And be prepared to spend -- the second-gen Kevo retails for $230 and charges $2 each time you want to share full access with someone else. 6. Read our review of the second-gen Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt. I want to have my doors automatically lock at midnight in case I forget to lock them. @ryanlasure:disqus But don't be surprised if you start seeing them in office buildings and apartment complexes by the end of this year. Now, they're ready to make their play with the Latch M-Series Smart Lock, another mortise-style connected deadbolt that features the notable addition of a camera in the center of the touchpad. The Kwikset Obsidian is another keyless smart lock recently released by Kwikset. ... Premis. First let me say I am handicapped, confine to a wheelchair with limited use of my hands. If someone has got your secret digit code then it will be a threat to your security. Install Kevo Smart Lock – check that the Kevo app is able to lock/unlock using Bluetooth. Enable the Kevo skill in the Alexa app There is also no support for Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can't unlock it from any of the best Alexa speakers or best Google Home speakers. PLEASE!!! Like the August Mortise Kit, this is a dealer and building-owner-only product, so you can't buy it direct right now. @disqus_HgyK1PVI0l:disqus I too am having the exact same problem! ... Kwikset smart locks work with smart home products you already own and love. So do I need plus or not? The Kwikset Obsidian is another touchscreen smart lock that doesn't accept keys. Not sure how to resolve. So the Kwikset Premis App is working consistently for me *now*. The Apple HomeKit-compatible Kwikset Premis will let iPhone users in with a Siri command. Unfortunately, it is too expensive to replace 4 locks to get new functionality (if we even liked the design), but buying a new hub I could do! The Sesame Smart Lock is a $149 retrofit smart lock with a knock-to-unlock feature, but no direct voice assistant integrations. If that doesn’t help to resolve the connection between Alexa and Kevo, please give our consumer service team a call at 1-800-327-5625 so that we may further troubleshoot with you. It says that my lock is offline. Read our review of the Schlage Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt. Kwikset Premis Compatibility. Once your Kevo account is linked you can issue voice commands to Alexa as outlined in the article above. It's currently priced at $199, not far from the pricing of other touchscreen deadbolts like Kwikset's Obsidian and Yale's Assure Lock SL. Thank you, I have exact same issue- have you resolved yet? There's a lot to consider before upgrading to a smart lock, and it's a pretty expensive upgrade at that, with most costing somewhere around $200 -- as much as 10 times more than their non-connected predecessors. @devon_jordan:disqus sorry to say this but support is worthless. Within the Alexa app, link your Kevo Smart Lock account and give the skill permission to access your locks and establish an unlock pin. Open the Alexa app, click on Home (upper left side), select “Skills” on the menu. The app doesn't do quite as much as you'd think, as it cannot lock your door or display the lock status. Innovation. The lock comes with your choice of six metal finishes and works with Apple HomeKit. Read our full review of the August Smart Lock. Whenever someone unlocks the thing, it'll snap a picture of who's coming in. Where’s that link or explanation? @thomasbagley:disqus – The Alexa skill does not enable new skills for Google Home. I try to be as independent as possible, but I can’t spend money like water. The time it takes for the Kwikset Premis App to load, sync, and update status is, on average, 7 seconds. Here you will find detailed instructions on how you can do that. Like the Kevo, the Premis retails for a steep $230. It uses the same, touchpad-centric design as most of Kwikset's smart locks, but it adds in compatibility with Apple HomeKit, a set of smart home protocols built into the software that runs iPhones ($600 at Boost Mobile) and iPads. Install Echo/Dot and check that Alexa is working properly. All Rights Reserved. Assuming this only works if you’re inside near your Alexa which seems like the least important use. Blue lights rotate but nothing happens. This slimmer August Smart Lock doesn't work with Apple HomeKit or Z-Wave, and its lock motor is a bit noisy, but this lock is still a decent entry-level option that performs well and offers a lot for its price. Thank you, Devon, Kwikset Social Customer Care, @elysiayeager:disqus This does work anywhere that an Alexa enabled device can hear you, which is likely only inside your home. We like the modern minimalism of this compact design. Like previous models, this Assure lock features a touchscreen on which you can punch in a code to get inside, as well as ZigBee, Z-Wave or iM1 HomeKit network modules to let you sync your lock with a larger connected home platform like Wink or SmartThings. No detail – just improved. Device with Amazon Alexa (for example, Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap), © 2020 Spectrum Brands. Works with Apple HomeKit and Siri voice commands Responsive touch screen Easy to install Stylish design That’s disappointing…how about IFTTT action integration? For more on the security technology in your Kevo smart lock please visit the Kevo security page. On the contrary, Kwikset Kevo facilitates Amazon Alexa which is made possible by the presence of Kevo Plus, Kwikset Kevo’s Wi-Fi accessory. Read our full review of the Sesame Smart Lock. Register an email for the Kevo account. I’ve got the Kevo Smart Lock & the Kevo Plus and this thing is god awful. Thank you, Browse Smart Locks. The second way we tested accessing the Premis smart lock was through the Premis app. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kwikset 99190-003 Contemporary Premis Touchscreen Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt Door Lock Works with Apple HomeKit Featuring SmartKey Security, Satin Nickel at To get started: NOTE: Unlocking will require an additional PIN for security. August's Smart Lock Pro is comparable in both design and performance to the $229 second-gen Smart Lock. In testing, we found that you can also whisper your pin to Alexa to prevent your pin from being overheard, increasing security. August isn't the only name that's making a play on bringing smart locks to the connected apartments of the future. Now you can lock, unlock, and check the status of your Kevo locks using only your voice. With HomeKit compatibility, you can control and automate the lock directly from Apple's Home app alongside other compatible devices, stick a shortcut button into your iPhone's Control Center, or even lock and unlock it with Siri commands. Kwikset isn't your only option for a smart lock that works with Siri. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Read our full review of the Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 02. It’s worth noting that some of the devices/services in the list below have been announced, but not yet implemented – and other products haven’t yet gone on sale, but when they do, they’ll work with Apple HomeKit and the HomePod. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. The keypad on products like the Schlage Sense and Kwikset/Weiser Premis is very handy as it allows for a “true” keyless experience. I’ve had this lock for a least 2-3 years now and it’s performance is no better then when I first got it (perhaps even worse). Remote capability. First make sure that all your Z-wave or ZigBee compatible locks are connected to your smart home hubs, and set individual names for each door. What's interesting about August is that it isn't actually a deadbolt, but rather, a deadbolt-turning gadget that sits over the top of your existing lock. I have the Kwikset Premis, use it multiple times a day every day (to/from work for two people, walking the dog multiple times, etc. US Street Price $229.00 April 28, 2020 The Kwikset Premis Contemporary ($229) is a HomeKit-enabled smart lock that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to allow you to lock and unlock your door using your … Seriously this is how it works nearly every time: I walk up and tap the lock. In testing’ the sample doesn’t show any pin code being used. Thanks, 2. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock Now Works with SkyBell HD, Secure your Connection to even more Smart Devices with Kevo and IFTTT, Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock Now Works With Honeywell Thermostats, Alexa, Ask Kevo to Unlock My Door – Kevo Adds Amazon Alexa Compatibility, Four Steps to Unlocking Remote Access with Kevo Plus, 2nd Generation Kwikset Kevo App for iOS Unlocks More Functionality, SECURITY PROS: SURVIVING – AND THRIVING – DURING COVID-19, Enjoy a Cleaner Home with Microban® Antimicrobial Door Hardware Protection, 3 ESSENTIAL DOOR DESIGN TIPS TO BOOST CURB APPEAL, SPLITTING TIME – HOW TO HANDLE HOME-WORK AND WORK-FROM-HOME, The Perfect Pair – New Door Handles to Pair with Electronic Locks, Updated Premis App – iOS 13 Fixes and Enhancements, Kwikset Takes a Leadership Role in the Smart Home Security Industries, Smart Locks Increase Security & Convenience, Tricks of the Trade – Property Manager Edition, “The Meal’s Not Complete Without Something Sweet”, Get a Smart Front Door with Kwikset and Amazon Key. ... and works with Amazon Alexa speakers and the Google Home. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It’d be great to see Kwikset put resources behind improving the core functionality. If the deadbolt's four AA batteries ever run dead, you can touch a 9-volt battery to the bottom of the lock's exterior to give it just enough juice for you to punch in your code and step inside. New York-based startup Latch is raising big money to bring smart locks to businesses and apartment complexes. 1…2…3…4, your birthday, or your ATM pin code aren’t the most secure choices. If you're a HomeKit user, the Kwikset Premis is … Read our review of the Yale Assure Lock SL. These names are what you’ll use to trigger Amazon Alexa, so us names that are easy to remember like “front door” or “garage door.”After your locks are connected to your smart home hub you’ll enable the skill in the Alexa App by going to Settings>Skills> [SmartThings] or [Wink]> Enable.

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