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bed sheet sizes in nigeria

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We partner with trusted stores across the country, dealing in beddings wholesales with full quality guarantee. You can continue to use the same size sheets but will probably want to add more blankets to the bed. Buy baby feeding & nursing products online in Nigeria at Electronic Toys. The colour of your preferred sheets - Oh! By this, the most durable of the mattresses are the latex, but will only last longer on proper maintenance. Covers, Blankets & Duvets. A basic indicator of the quality of bedding at an instant look is the thread count that is mentioned on it – the greater the thread count, the greater the comfort offered by the fabric. November 29, 2016; Follow on Twitter Subscribe to RSS Feed. The Full size, however, is an excellent option for single use. Before going for a mattress, it is necessary to put certain things into consideration. It gets frustrating when one gets too small sheets or too large sheets that one will have to fold and over stretch in order to properly cover the bed. A mattress is what makes a bedroom in a home complete. The existence of mattresses in Nigeria and the world at large is, at this point, not a new arrival to the minds of the public. You can sell your bedsheets without opening a physical store. 1 Alibert Group. Also, have in mind that mattress sizes may be the same but the design and quality bring the difference. Bedsheets - What to Consider before Buying. Toddler mattresses are the same size as crib mattresses; the frame is just set lower to the ground, so the child can get in and out of bed independently. After a successful transaction, be sure to get a warranty slip from the vendor or the dealer store. Check Out. Water Mattress: ₦45,000 to ₦52,500. It must be a mattress store that deals only on beddings. 0702 803 2753. Shop a wide selection of baby clothes and shoes with great quality and adorable designs at More info. Companies like Vitafoam offer the opportunity to buy directly from their official websites. Most often in children’s rooms, parents prefer to go with their children’s preferred colours so as to give their kids a feel of home and safety. Order Bed Sheets @ Best Prices - Shop Bedding Online for Amazing Quality from Jumia Nigeria - Fast Delivery - Free Returns Baby Cloths & Shoes. Nigeria Beds and Bedding Stores. Home; Bedroom Furniture; Mattresses & Pillows; Queen-Size (6 x 5 ft) Mattresses ; Queen-Size (6 x 5 ft) Mattresses. What really is the objective to be attained for getting a new mattress? Some of things a Nigerian homemaker has to consider when buying bed sheets for the home are expressed below; The actual size of sheets you will need - This is the most important bed sheet consideration a homemaker should have dancing at the top of his/her mind. This is due to the high rate of demand for mattress in the country. It is, without any doubt, one of the most produced mattress sizes in Nigeria. Determining the quality of the mattress you wish to buy is another thing. The actual price you get them from sellers may vary slightly, depending on your location, bargain power, and several other factors. Contact Us. Thread count is basically the amount of threads per square inch; in order to get more threads per inch, the threads have to be thinner. There are also mattresses like innerspring with a very short lifespan. If there is anything you should have in your house, it should be a mattress. Generally the higher the thread count the softer to the touch the fabric will feel. Check Rate. Shipped from abroad Shipped from Nigeria. Bedroom Sets Options. The downside to silk, of course is its cost which is high and its care which is delicate. Crib bedding needs to be an exact fit to the mattress for the safety of the child. Therefore, comfort requires the presence of a mattress to pay your beautiful home a beautiful visit. These mattresses are all designed to serve certain purposes and different production techniques are used on them. Enjoy free delivery on all eligible orders today. According to information on the GhostBed review website, the history of Mouka Foam started when Moukarim family came to Nigeria in 1959 trading in groundnuts and then started the manufacturing of furnitures and quality beds with their major client being the government of the Northern region thereby partnering with them to provide beds for schools and government establishments. Colour is unique to people and places and is influenced by a number of things; one can pick out colours based on the colour of the room itself, individual colour preference, the concept one is trying to give the room and whatnot. It might be of very poor quality and you might have to buy another one soon after. Polyester is a manmade fibre produced from the same polymers used to make plastic drink bottles. per page. Watch Queue Queue This is for sure one of the things improving and giving us a better world. Below are four necessary things you need to observe in order to make your mattress last longer. Shopping Basket Sign In In your Basket 0 item . Popularity Newest Arrivals Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Product Rating. Make sure to check different stores until you find the suitable price and quality you desire. We know it is not everyone that will be able to afford these bedding fabrics so we advise that if your pocket cannot carry the Egyptian and Pima cotton then go for other types of cotton fabrics. CLASSIC BEDDING. Don’t rush odd to buy the cheapest bed sheet you find. These sort of things are factors a homemaker has to consider when choosing sheets. We will be discussing the best use of your favourite bedding material types; Cotton is the most popular fabric used to make sheets and other bedding, and for good reason. This above mentioned website is a Nigerian based business that supplies wholesale bedsheets, mattress covers, duvets and duvet covers at wholesale prices to their distributors only. Products; Suppliers; Buyers ; Don't know your target market? Now in Nigeria we are churning out great quality and beautiful varieties of bedsheet. Unfortunately though the term Double doesn’t quite suit this size because 54″ divided by two is 27″ of space per person, which is not much at all when sharing. Whenever you wish to buy new bedding, remember that cotton is always the most preferable fabric and is safe both environmentally and is the healthy choice. When it comes to buying bed sheets there are a lot of fabric choices to choose from. This is where you get to bargain with the vendor. Sort by: Popularity. Where to buy mattress topper, duvet, comforter, mattress pad, and bed sheet in Lagos Nigeria. While comparing, check the size, type and quality of the bed sheets. On the grounds of distribution, the price would be affected due to the cost the manufacturers incur on transporting their products around the country. Queen-Size Beds (6 x 5 ft) King-Size Beds (6 x 6 ft) California King Beds (6 x 7 ft) Eastern King Beds (7 x 7 ft) Day Beds It is essential for you to own a mattress in your home. The Full is also known as a Double. Nigeria King Size Bed Products supplied by reliable Nigerian King Size Bed Manufacturers and King Size Bed Suppliers - Made in Nigeria Plot 5908B, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent Wuse 2, Abuja . The Company specializes in the manufacturing of home, office, hotel and school furniture. This video is unavailable. Diapers on has best offers with the best price in brands, offers and discount in Nigeria. when flights last longer than a day). This and lot more are what you need to consider in this aspect in order to make your move for a mattress. In Nigeria, the mattress producing companies are not holding back either; they are all up to produce and ensure utmost comfort. Join to list your products online for Free and reach thousands of global buyers and importers. Sort By. The middle lifespan is accredited to the memory foams and pillow top mattresses. While comparing, check the size, type and quality of the bed sheets. Bed sizes are not consistent across the globe and a number of major bed sizing systems are in use around the world, including American, UK, European, Australian and New Zealand sizes. Dreamy Beddings sales high quality bed sheets, pillows, duvets and duvet covers and is located Lagos Nigeria. Another determinant and most important price altering factor is the mattress brand. Type of Mattress Cover. The finest luxury bed sheets in Nigeria at extraordinarily fair prices, with fast delivery to your doorsteps anywhere in Nigeria. Make sure that it is an authentic mattress store, else, you will end up where you might have issues. This is to say that the available brands in Nigeria might not necessarily lease their products and services at seeming prices. Shop online Nigeria Shop from UK and USA Online shops in Nigeria online shopping sites in Nigeria Buy from UK Express Delivery from UK to Nigeria . It’s durable, breathable, soft, easy to care for, and generally quite affordable. Medical Inflatable Water Bed: ₦60,000 to ₦66,200. Buy queen-size bed mattresses for your comfort and enjoy free shipping. Silk is a luxurious, soft fibre produced by silkworms. You can check them out. Just like everything else, a mattress needs to be taken care of to be able to provide comfort to the user. Flamingo Inflatable Boat Float Swimming Ring: ₦28,000 to … Generally, you’ll find polyester mixed with another thread, often cotton, in inexpensive sheet sets. This Company has their outlet in Lagos. Take it easy, we will help you... With our US Bedding Size Chart below, you can easily find your correct sheet size. Good bedding makes that difference in your life as you wake up each morning feeling refreshed to face the challenges of the new day. Be sure that it is a trusted site and must also have provisions for refunds and or replacements in case the sent item is faulty. Questioning the dealers will help reveal a thing or two to you and this will be useful to you when making choices. The mattress companies in Nigeria have before now been the captains of artful living. While polyester is inexpensive, it’s quite stiff and scratchy when used on its own. Baby Feeding . There are so many places in our daily life we tend to compromise on quality for cheaper buys; but when it comes to picking something on which you spend almost one-third of your life and tend to get all the rest you need, there must be absolutely no compromise in quality – none at all. has the largest selection of bedsheets in Nigeria. Watch Queue Queue. Bedroom Sets Only 34 items; Beds Only 201 items; Bed Storage Option. Don’t rush odd to buy the cheapest bed sheet you find. Apart from the quality check, make sure you pick out bedding that suits the theme of your bedroom, the existing décor and comes in designs, colours and patterns that you like. 2 Bedmate Furniture Company Nigeria. This is necessary as it ensures and guarantees the distribution of quality products and services to the general public. READ ALSO: How To Start Boxers Business In Nigeria: Simple Guide. Prices of Mouka Regina Mattress in Ngeria, Mouka Mondeo Spring Sizes and Prices in Nigeria, Mouka Semi Orthopedic Mattress Prices in Nigeria, Waterbed (Intex) Mattresses Price in Nigeria, Air Bed (Intex) Mattress Price in Nigeria, Visit an Authorized Dealer Store Nearest to You, Best Orthopedic Mattress Price in Nigeria, Mouka Foam Mattress Price List in Nigeria, Price of 6 by 6 (6×6) Mattress in Nigeria, Building Materials Prices in Nigeria 2020, How to Start a Business in Nigeria in 2020, Do not eat on your mattress, it is meant for relaxing the body and not for dining, Occasionally putting your mattress out under the sun will help a lot, A mattress should not be a playground for children. Thread counts for bed linen can range from as low as 80 for a basic fabric to as high as 400 for Egyptian cotton. US Sheet Size Chart, Inches: Determine which sheet size that fits your US bed. You must also note that the prices listed here are the standard average prices. It is advisable to know the actual size of sheets your bed will need, this can be done by measuring the mattress and taking a piece of cardboard, sticking it between the mattress and placing another piece of cardboard on top of the mattress and make an estimated measurement of the distance between the two placed cardboards. In the case of mattress type, there are so many types of mattresses like the latex, orthopedic, waterbed, air bed, student mattress, and others. Shop lane7 for bedsheets of different finishing and colours, from affordable to high end and a wide array of styles and sizes. Nigeria is known to have one of the largest markets for mattresses in Africa. For years, manufacturers worldwide have been working on how to improve every aspect of the mattress production industry and today, it has led to the idea of producing many kinds of mattresses for various purposes. 1, Alade Lawal Street, Anthony Village Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. You will need to first of all register as a distributor on their website and get approved before dealing with them. Pick something that is the appropriate balance between quality, style and price. There are also small stores around where you can make your purchase, but there’s no 100% guarantee that they offer original products. MOUKA FLORA QUEEN MATTRESS (6 ft X 5 ft X 8 in) ₦51,960.00. Toggle navigation. This is the very first thing you need to be sure of. List of Bedding companies and services in Nigeria. Do not expect mattresses to be of the same prices simply because they are of the same size. There are different types of cotton and thread counts which will determine the quality of sheets you purchase. Nigeria Bed Sheet Suppliers Directory provides list of Nigeria Bed Sheet Suppliers & Exporters who wanted to export bed sheet from Nigeria. But, please, be careful with the online sites you visit to make your purchase. Select Bed Size. For instance, a Vitafoam Orthopedic may not have the same price with a Mouka Foam orthopedic. Search for Bedding with Addresses, Phone numbers, Reviews, Ratings and Photos on Nigeria Business Directory Beds and Bedding. Bedsheet and Duvet. Mouka Flora: 4.5ft 6inches ₦40,000 to ₦48,000, Mouka Flora:4.5ft X 16inches ₦84,000 to ₦96,500, Mouka Flora: 6ft X 6ft X 10inches ₦90,000 to ₦98,000, Mouka Flora: 6ft X 7ft X 16inches ₦140,000 to ₦152,000, Mouka Flora: 6ft X 6ft X 14inches ₦100,000, Mouka Flora: 4.5ft X 8inches ₦55,000 to ₦61,000, Mouka Regina Semi Orthopedic: 5ft X 8inches ₦87,000 to ₦90,000, Mouka Regina Semi Orthopedic: 6ft X 6ft X 10inches ₦100,000 to ₦114,000, Mouka Regina Semi Orthopedic: 6ft X 6ft X 12inches ₦124,000, Mouka Regina Semi Orthopedic: 6ft X 7ft X 8inches ₦120,000 to ₦134,000, Mouka Regina Semi Orthopedic: 6ft X 7ft X 10inches ₦138,000 to ₦145,300, Mondeo Spring: 6ft X 7ft X 10inches ₦148,000 to ₦165,000, Mondeo Spring: 6ft X 6ft X 10inches ₦125,000 to ₦136,450, Mondeo Spring: 4ft X 10iches ₦88,000 to ₦95,400, Mondeo Spring: 4.5ft X 10inches ₦98,000 to ₦105,500, Semi Orthopedic: 4.5ft X 8inches ₦57,000 to ₦64,000, Semi Orthopedic: 4.5ft X 10inches ₦90,000 to ₦95,700, Mouka Exquisite (Comes in Many Sizes):    ₦50,000 to ₦100,000, Mouka Student Mattress:  ₦11,400 to ₦13,500, Regal Orthopedic: 6ft X 7ft X 10inches   ₦195,000 to ₦205,000, Mouka Camp Mat: 6ft X 4ft X 8inches ₦7,800 to ₦9,000, Mouka Water Resistance Mattress: ₦30,000 TO ₦54,600, Mouka Orthopedic: 4.5 X 8inches ₦110,000 to ₦125,000, MoukaRegal: 6ft X 6ft X 8inches ₦134,000 to ₦141,000, Vita Corona Mattress: 6ft X 4.5ft X 8inches ₦35,500 to ₦45,000, Vita Corona Mattress: 6ft X 4ft X 6inches ₦32,000 to ₦42,000, Orthopedic Mattress: 6ft X 6ft X 8inches ₦118,000 to ₦128,000, Orthopedic Mattress: 6ft X 7ft X 8inches ₦140,000 to ₦147,000, Orthopedic Mattress: 6ft X 4.5ft X 8inches ₦90,000 to ₦100,000, Vita Grand Mattress: 10 Inches ₦56,800 to ₦72,000, Vita Grand Mattress: 6ft X 6ft X 8inches    ₦53,000 to 60,000, Vita Grand Mattress: 6ft X 7ft X 8inches   ₦57,000 to 76,000, Vita Grand Mattress: 6ft X 4ft X 8inches    ₦45,000 to 49,500, Vita Grand Mattress: 6ft X 3.5 X 8inches   ₦42,000 to 45,000, Shine Mattress: 6ft X 2.5 X 6 inches ₦19,000 to ₦22,000, Shine Mattress: 6ft X 3ft X 6inches ₦22,000 to ₦25,000, Vita Galaxy Orthopedic Mattress: ₦118,000, Spring Super Mattress: 6ft X 6ft X 8inches ₦82,500 to ₦85,000, Vita Supreme: 6ft X 4ft X 8inches ₦33,000 to ₦40,000, Vita Spring Super: 6ft X 7ft X 8inches ₦87,000, Vita Toddler Bed Mattress: ₦17,000 to 20,000, Sara Foam Student Mattress: ₦8,000 to ₦9,500, Ocean-Sleep Water Bed: ₦40,000 to ₦57,000, Medical Inflatable Water Bed: ₦60,000 to ₦66,200, Inflatable Floating Row Pool WaterBed: ₦13,000 to ₦15,700, Flamingo Inflatable Boat Float Swimming Ring: ₦28,000 to ₦31,000, Swimming Inflatable Floating Bed Hammock Water: ₦11,000 to ₦13,300, Wavelike Transparent Floating Row Air Mattress: ₦15,000 to ₦20,000, Folding Hammock Water Floating Bed: ₦5,500 to ₦7,100, Bed Sore Medical Water Mattress Water Bed: ₦53,000 to ₦67,500, IntexComfort Plus Elevated Dura-Beam Air Bed: ₦29,000 to ₦36,000, Single-Sized Classic Downy Air Bed: ₦7,500, Air Bed Chair Double Pull Out Sofa: ₦26,000 to ₦31,500, Classic Queen Sized Inflatable Air Bed: ₦11,000, Twin Sized Classic Downy Inflatable: ₦9,000, Queen IntexPremaireDream Support: ₦48,000 to ₦52,700, Queen Size Supreme Air Flow AirBed: ₦19,000, Wide Double Queen Size Air Bed: ₦13,000 to ₦17,000, Cozy Kids Inflatable Air Bed: ₦16,000 to ₦24,000, Best Way Comfort Quest Elevated Electric Air Bed: ₦26,500 to ₦30,000. All measurements in inches. We are an eminent manufacturer, exporter, distributor and supplier of the more. ₦ 3,000. For measurements in CM, see bottom of this page. Ocean-Sleep Water Bed: ₦40,000 to ₦57,000. Discount Percentage . Range from Kids to Adults. If you should just wake up and walk straight into any mattress dealer store in the name of getting yourself a mattress, you might end up in disappointment.

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