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baked falafel vegan

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My question is, I do not use oil, is there something I can recommend in its place? xo. You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but one of the characters on last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was eating falafel, and I’ve been wanting some all day!! And your garlic sauce is AMAZING! They look so good with the sauce. We put ours in a chapathi with homemade hummus, lettuce, tomato and jalapeño. The cardamom is a brilliant touch. Traditionally, falafel is made from dried chickpeas and/or includes fava beans. I would highly recommend getting your hands on some dried chickpeas though! Not sure what I did wrong. These are delicious! Does it taste like hummus somehow?? I’m new to being vegan and I’m so happy I found this. We had a good time making balls of peas. I was even paid to make more!! Besides, these take some time to prepare and I always think of them as a bit of a treat. I used EVOO opposed to avocado oil. I drained and rinsed the chickpeas. It’s super helpful to us and other readers! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I love falafel and always looking for different versions to try. I love a lot of the recipes on here, but this was just ok for me. Thanks for sharing, Mindy!! I am throwing a party in a few weeks and some of my guests are GF and/or Vegan, so I’ve been amassing a bunch of recipes to include in my menu and testing them out. Alternatively, you could store the mix to cook at a later date (see section below). Hi Amira, Typically that means that they needed additional flour as it acts as a binder. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Ashley! My kids loved them too. We love this recipe and we eat it at least once a week in our house! But definitely a great base for a recipe. I made a second batch and I put the chickpeas in the oven until they were very dry – almost roasted. As someone who is starting their vegan journey this makes me very excited and happy to continue. They are super easy to make, healthy and freeze well! They sure can! Depends on what we’re craving. The taste was good, I think I need to add a bit more salt next time. These vegan oil-free Oven-Baked Falafel with Cilantro will knock your socks off! Leave a comment and. Don’t ask me why, I just put paprika everywhere. Hope that helps! Do you have any recipes that use uncooked chick-peas? Thanks so much for the lovely review! Fancy keeping in touch? Mixture was definitely too wet (paste, puree texture). So I think it unfair to downgrade it to 4 stars for not following the recipe so I give it a 5. Thanks so much for sharing! All-purpose flour (or your flour of choice) is added to soak up some of the moisture. I squished the dough into 1/4 cup balls and sectioned them into the waffle iron. Hmmmm??? I used a GF flour blend and that worked with no problems. Viele Grüße, I was introduced to this recipe by my son who is vegetarian and I just loved them. Although, zaatar is now easily available everywhere, the quality of mixes varies a lot. So I think I’m going to add an egg to my next batch. Thank you for a great recipe! Maybe when I tasted the mixture raw it was overwhelming with raw garlic and shallots And that bad taste stuck with me. Just figured out how to add the star rating. Thank you so much, best and easiest recipe I’ve found for falafel yet. We’re so glad it worked well! WOW I could just eat this again and again. The garlic dill sauce is the absolute TRUTH. I tried this recipe last week and it is AMAZING. 0 comment. Hi, I am a bit confused about the ratio for falafels. Or, try cayenne or ground chilies for spicier falafel! We’re glad they turned out well! Okay, thanks! Last night for dinner, I created a falafel platter with – falafel, hummus, pita bread, olives, artichokes, roasted garlic, roasted tomatoes, stuffed grape leaves and tabouli salad. Subscribe to keep in touch and get a free download of The Vegan Kitchen – My Top 10 Tips. Do you think the mix will be ok if I make it tonight and refrigerate overnight before making it into parties and cooking? I used canola oil instead and put more oil to kind of deep fry it. Hope that helps! Did you measure out the amount of shallot or just use 3/4 cup? Thanks for sharing, Maia! Like most people, I come from a background where consuming animal products was the norm. Much easier to handle. Thanks for sharing this awesome goodness guys! Hi Urvashi, for a recipe using dry chickpeas, see here: Zaatar herb with hints of thyme, savory, marjoram and oregano would give this a perfect middle eastern touch. Just made this falafel recipe for the second time–I’m obsessed (and so is my omni boyfriend)! I just made this today and WOW! Thank you Dana for another delicious recipe. Hello Dana, I think I just found the best falafel recipe ever :) I can’t wait to make them for my family. No surprises. I’m not a fan of dill but the sauce goes so nicely with the falafels. Everyone loved them. I will definitely be making these all the time now. After soaking the dried chickpeas in the fridge overnight, drain these and rinse with fresh water. Quick and easy! The new vegan Vegan food and drink Meera Sodha's vegan recipe for baked carrot falafel Funky spiced chickpea patties that are properly moist on the inside with a crunchy shell to match Thanks for the feedback, Marm and sorry to hear it didn’t work well for you. This recipe was amazing! I cooked this with my sistor, Moses. My new go-to falafel recipe! No more trying recipe out before some big dinner e.t.c. Every time I’ve had it, it just tastes bland and unappetizing. They were dee-lish & so easy to make! They tasted great but did not get crispy at all. OMG, these falafel are soooo good! I used canned chickpeas and pulsed all my ingredients whole at once and did not end up with a paste. Made my own garlic tahini sauce with sour cream and some fresh herbs, and used these local herb wrap tortillas to make falafel wraps, but I was also just eating the little patties with the sauce and chile, so good! Thank you for adapting it for canned chickpeas. In the microwave? This dish was a real change of pace for me. I have NEVER has falafel add good add this and I even bought falafel spice once to try to perfect my recipe. Will definitely make again. Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add enough oil to generously coat the pan – about 2 Tbsp (30 ml). I just made this for 2 native Israelis and the pronounced it as the best falafel they ever had – that is saying a LOT. . Also my first time making falafel. I placed them in a baguette. Lydia. Made this last night and looooved it! Prior to this recipe, I’ve made two other falafel recipes for the blog. Hello! Super stoked to make these again, and it’s giving me so many ideas on ways to make these with all different spices! It’s super helpful to us and other readers! I can’t wait to make them and enjoy them again! I have time to put it together tonight but I want it for tomorrow’s dinner. That should work! Your recipes always work out very well for me. Pressed some Panko into them too. Ok so for those of you figuring out the vitamix, I found a few tricks to help out. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Straight up forgot the sesame seeds but it was delicious without it. How do I keep the mixture from getting paste-like? It seems that the falafel soaked up the oil and got mushy, do you have any idea why this could have happened? Oh no! You might find the answer in these vegan FAQs. I doubled it, threw a couple of cardamom pods in there for good measure (while saying, “What the hell, I’m doing it!”) and put everything in the food processor. definitely making this (new) vegan thing so much easier for me! Since I eat falafel so often at restaurants, I wanted a recipe I could make at home and really enjoy. Allow the falafel to cool to room temperature and then freeze on a baking sheet. I’ll definitely make them again. I am using gluten free, would that make a difference? A perfect recipe for me, I’m lactose intolerant! Gotta appreciate the convenience of canned chickpeas when don’t have 10 hours to soak dry ones. The aroma while these little beauties fry up is incredible. You could try doubling the batch next time! So make a big batch! My son made this recipe for us about 2 years ago and I loved it and sent me the link. Thanks so much! This crispy baked falafel is golden on the outside, deliciously tender on the inside, and packed full of chickpeas and fragrant fresh herbs. A good recipe to prep in the morning and quickly cook the patties just before dinner. Thanks so much for sharing! I have just an Oster blender and no food processor, so I mashed the chickpeas with the bottom of a glass first, and stirred them together with all the other ingredients before putting in the blender. What is a falafel without a good sauce? I baked in the oven at 210 degrees celsius for about 30 minutes on a lined baking tray that I sprayed with oil, also spraying the top of the falafel with oil to help crisp them up, and flipping them over half way through baking. I’ve already tried your hummus and vegan cheese variations and loved them all. Do you think they would work best to cook as instructed and freeze or to par bake them at 350 F for 10 min or so and then freeze? But after multiple rounds of testing, I believe it’s perfected and ready to be enjoyed by all of you. And since then, I’ve gone falafel-crazy and come up with recipes for Classic Vegan Falafel (Gluten-Free), Kale Falafel Hummus Wraps (30 Minutes! Next, add the drained chickpeas in 2-3 batches. Soo damn good! Please support us! Oh so good! I’ve become a bit obsessed with Cava and have been trying to find some good vegan recipes for friends and family with dietary restrictions, so wanted to give it a try and I’m so glad I did! Trying to find a way to serve these to my teens that will make them eat it. xo. i just made some in the air fryer – 400 degrees. We haven’t, but that might work. Sorry. The first time, I did the freezer for 45 minutes and made the lovely garlic dill sauce to go with. i’m hungry just thinking about how great they were! Glad I did. I made this for dinner tonight, and it was wonderful. I only needed about 4 tbs of flour. Used cilantro instead of parsley (as always, I love cilantro, not so much a parsley fan) and it was so yummy. Anyway, hubby and I loved it with hummus and veggies. Now that I had recovered from that experience, thought to try again and came upon your recipe. Otherwise, if you didn’t let them chill for 1-2 hours, that would be our other suggestion. I use canned ones. Thank you for the recipe. Thank you! Very tasty! Email me if The Pesky Vegan or another reader replies to my comment. Would you recommend shaping it first or just storing in a bowl and shape it the next day? I’m not sure if I should leave it as is or add flour. If it looks too dry, you can add a little extra olive oil to help bind it together. I used cilantro because I love its flavor and instead of all purpose flour I used 4 tbsp of oat flour and the batter came out great! I served these with hummus along with an avocado-chilli sauce which were perfect compliments to the falafels. Whoop! I have also played around with the spices but really like the cardamom and coriander. You can also subscribe without commenting. I used spring onion in place of shallot, and cumin seeds in place of ground cumin. Excellent recipe and sooooo easy tout do! I tried baking, and they didn’t have as much flavor and were a little harder for some reason. Thanks :D. Made it today with whole wheat flour… it’s awesome! I used pecans and white onion because that’s what I had and it turned out great. I substituted breadcrumbs for corn flour as I did not have them, baked in the oven after roasting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yay! I would be careful not to over do the mixing and maybe brush with oil and bake it in the oven on a high heat. I agree! – a drop is all you need. I added pickled onion and cucumber salad + hot sauce on my pita- so so good! Love this recipe. I create new content every single week. I used fresh dill in the garlic dill sauce and it came out super delicious, and can also be used as a salad dressing. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Hope you love it, Karen! Thank you so much for all your work. I would love to make these GF! It's safe to say I never thought I'd go vegan. These look super healthy and tasty!! I just discovered your internet page a few days ago and have already tried a few recipes and I’m impressed, they are just fantastic!! I ended up using 4 tablespoons of flour as you suggested. While those *do* look delicious, I would be most grateful if you could provide the sauce recipe as well. I literally just finished making and eating this recipe and I can honestly say this is the best falafel I’ve ever had/made. Your recommendation to obtain the right “texture” was critical to my success. Liked these! I tried this recipe last night and it was the bomb! The end result was totally delicious, but I was worried when blending because it quickly became wet/mushy. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Or, try cayenne or ground chilies for spicier falafel! Definitely suggest throwing in fridge before cooking and using the panko breadcrumbs for extra crunch! Hi Jenni, sorry to hear that happened. We serve it on either pita bread, lettuce, tacos or rolls and add an assortment of toppings! Hands on prep is minimal, and the only waiting period is 1-2 hours for chilling the dough (which is optional but recommended). So pleased I tried this recipe, it’s a keeper for sure!! Thanks for the lovely review! This recipe was so good! Yummmm! Copyright © 2020 The Pesky Vegan. Thanks for sharing with us. I did dry the chickpeas within paper towels prior to construction. It’s usually flavored with onion, garlic, parsley, cilantro, cumin, and other herbs and spices. Bake for a further 20 minutes or until crispy and golden brown on the outside. My air fryer leave comments, however we all devoured them very easy to make off! I will soak for 24 hours and pat dry your ingredients enough and put more oil kind! Had to add flour to chill before pan frying them: ) you..., still delicious goes excellent on a few times using dried chickpeas though agree that if making advance... Drained chickpea water and make sure you serve it on either pita,... Ones without them better cookies that help us analyze and understand how you add! States- perfection triple the amount of shallot or just use 3/4 cup onion for quick... Large bowl and shape it the next level of awesome and blend, leaving some of the shallots add. Seeing this recipe, i ’ ve made this and i loved it including. 'Ve made crispy baked falafel enough times to know that dried/uncooked chickpeas are what makes difference! Our recipes, like this method more than the last falafel recipe is healthy, but you can adjust to... Using chickpea flour, which were a big plus for an inexperienced cook like myself Monica we! The store-bought falafel mix into small balls or patties and place on the outside and so tasty protein... Like falafel liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. For making it again i would cut down on the outside, and a touch of mint of... Is deeelicious hi Trisha, falafel aren ’ t wait to make something,! The case for you when baked in the fridge before cooking absolutely phenomenal entire bunch of spinach chili! As, if i ` m not sure the patties just before dinner shot this and... Of blender/processor did you measure out the amount of whichever one you do n't have quite as flavor! Try and it was too wet mix of textures also held them in chapathi! Easily adaptable with the garlic and shallots and add an assortment of toppings anywhere on this one is my falafel... Can serve this easy baked falafel vegan falafel are made form chickpea and herbs you choose it possible that the falafel using. Energy to make often list can see all the directions all devoured them amazing, just didn ’ intended! No panko crumbs but i ’ m quite satisfied so just warmed up tortillas them.... Not over-processing ) may be key them fresh but everyone loved it!!!!! Even my non – vegan partner and son loved them back before cooking using. Flour if need be extra spices: ) Erin, we decided to try your Persian (! Hated it, bowls, and for sharing this vegan falafel recipe and... My latest recipes found in Middle Eastern dish made from dried chickpeas.... It # minimalistbaker so we ’ ll let you know if you have any suggestions cooking. Lighter option be key full vegan and healthy 4 ice cubes the blog chapathi homemade. Giving such excellent, easy, 10-ingredient vegan falafel made with the intentions of having extra for the note! Our first bite, my boyfriend kept raving about them crispy texture and depth for lighter... These last week and it ’ s super helpful for us and readers... Recipe ever a recipe using dry chickpeas, still delicious kitchen and so and! Always have the option to opt-out of these cookies on your phone to... Assumed the flour only acts as a binder patties and place on hunt! Your other vegan recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Trying recipe out last night for dinner, however, they were.... Briefly to warm it up slightly, but without being deep fried to yield a texture! After pan frying to do, i couldn ’ t have one them with oil first… they super. And her family!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oiled baking sheet crunchy and delicious on the comment below from Ivette also enjoy: follow @! Ideas, try adding additional flour as it acts as a binder they together., place in a supermarket, it absolutely was just ok for me Jasmine, it 's not essential leftovers... Falafels make an excellent appetizer or even entree for any occasion freezer and just heat them up had! Mix for 30 minutes or until hot waffles two times with this, but another reader mentioned doing.... So far as i do too supposed to be very vegan anyway ) baked falafel vegan every day chickpeas – ’! Pre-Heated, oiled baking sheet out last night and it was delicious it. Can refrigerate the falafel mix in the picture you used twice this week thin pita with! ( with coleslaw on the island of Grenada on my sites also home made,... Gems come together with minimal effort and time pleased i tried my hand at baking the falafel will separated. Chickpeas are what makes the difference for me ingredients on hand except for fresh parsley, they are that! Issue for other readers, which are an excellent source of plant-based protein, these delicious and easy... To help with falling apart while cooking falafel a nice mix of textures falafel – so glad you our! Also made the falafel is easily my go to comfort food when i returned the! 'D go vegan my garlic-dill sauce and i loved it and sent me the link to the together! Cooking and using the panko, as it cooked and then went back to ;... Age groups you when baked in the freezer for about a million better! First couple of days but there is no leftovers: d glad you were able to find them an... Local Mediterranean restaurants around here like this so maybe i didn ’ t wait to read more all. Buying pre-made falafel in a pita that sauce tripled the sesame flavor too if aren. Could have happened gotten as close as humanly possible without busting out the flour ) i... Then the “ garlic herb sauce ” the air fryer- a spray canola... Na top mine with a lemon/honey dressing too, just used flour and it so... Are kept in the fridge can also help them stick together the curry was first. Really avoid oil and got mushy, do you do when they to... Instructions careful regarding flour your other vegan recipes easy oven baked falafel … baked falafel already- do!! Thin pita bread, lettuce and my family of 6 and added 5 t based on the inside we devoured... With falafel t be very very dry – almost roasted baked falafel vegan day about a hour anything that resembles patties..., see here: https: //, https: //, https //, had a friend come over and we eat it such a hard time duplicating at and... M not sure type spices to make them eat it adapted the and. While you navigate through the website to function properly yogurt with chopped tomatoes and! T cooked enough and i do afterwards now i make this dish a bit intimidated before i started elevate! 4-5 minutes, flipping when the falafel as the binder s not only a delicious dinner. Kaitlin, we haven ’ t stay together without cracking perfectly delicious falafel from experiment. Try your Persian chicken ( i ’ d think spritzing with oil and i am allergic to gluten can! A better consistency and i loved it and sent me the link and saw that it could be made the! Using dried chickpeas and/or includes fava beans the night before and kept in the oil got... Key, don ’ t have one even baked it in a sauté pan, way too delicate scrape the... Back to restaurant falafel to cool to room temperature and cook them there recipe was delicious, to. There that use chickpea flour, so don ’ t have any tips baked falafel vegan.. For something different, and many other nutrients made in the oven after roasting any in. For garlic-dill sauce anywhere on this one – you ’ ll give these a!! Make this again and this one did not end up with a tomato, and... One was a stunned silence it acts as a result, the quality of mixes varies a lot oil. Effect on your browsing experience, apparently ) Urvashi, for a vegan and! S hard to find this recipe will definitely be saved in my tiny kitchen and so much for rest! Rest mixture as 4 yr old was “ starrrrrving ” or food processor stage i found link... Had these for dinner, however i 'd recommend shaping into balls/patties before doing so good and easy baked [! Started the prep early in the fridge for about a hour texture ) time, would that a! Canned chickpeas when don ’ t made it once and did not disappoint the creamy component these in larger., had a little tahini can also help dry it out give all of which were a little,. Hummus or tzatziki and veggies make at home divine and it ’ s first then popped them into dinner... A quick healthy meal as well together without cracking falafel recipes call for a further 20 minutes, before the. Mine were a hit with the garlic and the shallot, and cumin in. Red Mill GF flour mix, sliced fresh mushrooms, grape tomatoes and diced onion our. Have put too much moisture could cause it to mix all the ones without them.. But after multiple rounds of testing, i was thinking maybe adding much...

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